New Office

Ubiquiti’s Silicon Valley branch moved to a larger facility in San Jose last month.  Attached are photos showing the property after our design build out.

We had some specific goals we wanted to achieve with the design:

1.      Build an engineer’s dream work environment.  It’s a sleek, modern look where no expense was spared for our lab areas and developer team offices.  Interesting fact — one of our own developers put on his interior design hat and came up with the entire concept.  As you can see, there were many unique approaches including extensive use of frameless glass, polished concrete, stainless steel columns, beam lighting, and Wink whiteboard walls. John Tso is the man!

2.     Optimize developer team efficiency, and productivity.  Technology platforms teams (such as UniFi and AirVision) now have their own team offices where developers can work together collaboratively.  In a way, this new office is very analogous to a technology incubator where we have independent software teams working on unique platforms while each leveraging Ubiquiti’s existing IP, branding, operations, and hardware engineering resources

I really regret not making this upgrade sooner… I have a feeling that the additional overhead costs of an inspiring work environment are more than offset by the intangible value of having very happy engineers and in turn, having their productivity boosted.    Additionally, this new office has already made a difference in recruiting new top engineering talent!

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