Introducing UniFi Protect

UniFi’s Focus on Delivering Value and Our Commitment to User Experience Design Perhaps the biggest technology story of this decade has been the emergence of the cloud. Applications based in the cloud have lead to breakthroughs in user experience, powering Industries from media streaming to social networks. In these applications, the cloud has enabled contentContinue reading “Introducing UniFi Protect”

Filtering in 3 Domains: Why PrismStation is the Greatest Product Ever Brought to the WISP Industry.

Back in the early days, I was working with a customer to replace an older, slower 802.11b 2.4GHz mini-PCI radio with Ubiquiti’s latest SuperRange2 802.11g hi-power mini-PCI module.  Response to the SuperRange mini-PCI cards had been overwhelmingly positive, but this user was experiencing significantly worse performance post-upgrade.  At first I thought it was bad hardwareContinue reading “Filtering in 3 Domains: Why PrismStation is the Greatest Product Ever Brought to the WISP Industry.”

UniFi — The Beginning of The Higher Market Disruption

How An Outdoor Wireless Company Entered the Enterprise WiFi Market Perhaps now hard to believe, Ubiquiti’s decision to enter a new market with the introduction of UniFi in 2010 was generally criticized. At that time, some questioned why a company driving explosive growth in the outdoor Wireless Internet Service Provider Industry would risk diverting theirContinue reading “UniFi — The Beginning of The Higher Market Disruption”

From Integrated Product to Challenging Goliath: How airMAX AC Generation 2 Technology Completes our Industry Vision

Ten years ago, Ubiquiti was just a new entrant in the WISP Industry, known to be little more than a manufacture of niche mini-PCI radio cards that could be used with Mikrotik router boards.  At that time, I saw the writing on the wall as Mikrotik was starting to bring to market their own radioContinue reading “From Integrated Product to Challenging Goliath: How airMAX AC Generation 2 Technology Completes our Industry Vision”

The Evolution of Home Wi-Fi

Part 1: From Apple AirPort to AmpliFi Mesh Technology Robert J. Pera Robert Pera started his career at Apple Computer, where he was a hardware engineer following M.S. and B.S. studies in Electrical Engineering. From there he went on to boot-strap Ubiquiti, providing connectivity technology bridging the digital divide for hundreds of millions of peopleContinue reading “The Evolution of Home Wi-Fi”

The Challenge of Educational Reform in The United States

Ubiquiti Networks has engineering offices in San Jose, Los Angeles, Irvine, Chicago, Kaunas (Lithuania), Moscow, and Taipei.  Even though we only have upwards of 100 employees, it is quite the geographic mix.  Ironically, we never intended to build these remote offices and we never had aspirations to save costs on engineering salaries. We just somehowContinue reading “The Challenge of Educational Reform in The United States”

Manufacturing in China and IP Protection

Over the past decade, electronics manufacturing has largely shifted into China because of cost-savings.  However, these cost-savings can often be misleading as manufacturing in China also comes with the risk of IP theft that can potentially lead to financial damages far in excess of the capital saved in manufacturing there. As a hi-volume hardware manufacturingContinue reading “Manufacturing in China and IP Protection”

Disrupting Markets: The Walmart Story

Last weekend I had the pleasure of having dinner with Pitt Hyde, the Founder of AutoZone (NYSE:AZO) and just an overall impressive, humble, and great person.  Perhaps my favorite story of his was when he recounted his time serving on Sam Walton’s Walmart Board of Directors in the early days of his company.  According toContinue reading “Disrupting Markets: The Walmart Story”

What is the Future of TV?

I want to preface this post by saying I have very little knowledge about the business side of television.  The below analysis is the result of some surface investigation combined with my own experience in building new technology platforms, attacking distribution inefficiencies, and disrupting markets. This weekend, I decided to finally take a look atContinue reading “What is the Future of TV?”